09/30/12 A Fantastic Lunch

Can’t really sleep for some reason tonight.  I guess my mind is overactive today. lol.  Had lunch with Helen Gibson today at The Vig.  We both had a wonderful salad, and we talked about many things, including her new movie called Romans Road.  It will be coming out next year some time.  One of my paintings(The Guardian) will be used in the movie which is very exciting.  God is so good, and He opens doors that no one can shut.  Every good and perfect gift comes from God.  He is the generous giver!

After we ate, she came over and picked up the painting.  It will be missed!  A great time of fellowship and prayer, as we prayed over the painting, that God would use it in powerful ways to touch people’s lives!  :))


9/28/12 The Conclusion of My Art Show 2012

The Guardian mixed media. 2012 Print

This Print is available on high an 8 1/2″ by 11″ high quality cardstock for $20.00 per print.  Signed and numbered by the artist.

Today marks the conclusion of my Art Show at the Skyline Loft Gallery.  I will be taking the paintings down this morning and then begin working on the next project.